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Meet the P+P crew:

Sarah Geddes Press+Post

Partner  |  CEO

From the helm of her renowned boutique PR firm Sass Communications, Sarah has been strategically building communities and creating conversation since 2001, while proudly working with businesses spanning the prairies and beyond. A go-to PR expert and the legendary resident party planner at Press + Post, Sarah wholeheartedly connects organizations with audiences of influence through leading editorial platforms and meaningful personal interaction. Her strong belief in strategy and process prove to be the lynchpin of her client's success, while her role as the conduit between burgeoning brands and spectacular storytellers renders her a Canadian force in consumer PR. She is known to find inspiration in white wine.

Kelly Doody - Press + Post

Partner  |  President

Kelly has been breathing life into the digital footprints and social presence of start-ups to super brands since YouTube was a baby, Facebook was fledgling and MySpace ruled the pool. She is a journalist-turned-communications junkie, and prior to finding her dream partners and co-launching Press + Post, was the proud founder of Daily Ink Media & PR. Nothing makes Kelly happier than putting words on a page, while conceiving cutting edge public relations and content marketing strategies for the people, moving organizations big and small towards becoming the brilliant masters of their online domain, and connecting western Canada's top writers and creatives with the brands and businesses who need them most.

Account Director

Caitlin is a highly respected brand strategist, writer, editor and creative. With a breadth of background in restaurant, wine, travel, lifestyle and entrepreneurial marketing communications projects, she is a master collaborator and creative campaign builder-meets-passionate wordsmith and seasoned storyteller. This fierce Saskatonian is the finger-on-the-pulse at Press + Post, always seeing the forest for the trees, and seamlessly narrowing it down to the newsy golden nugget within. Ms. Best has been known to carve out a killer wave or two, even if occasionally on dry land, trotting the globe whenever given the chance. The P+P crew and its spectacular slate of clients firmly state they can never go back to a life pre-Best.

Art Director  |  Photographer

For over a decade, Heather has been merging her skills as an award-winning photographer, art director and graphic designer to create compelling work, rich in both cultural context and character. The daughter of a seasoned photojournalist, creative storytelling is in her blood. She has worked in ad agencies creating campaigns from start to finish, while her commercial photography practice has lead her to produce work for Nike, BMW, Avenue Magazine, Westjet Magazine and Swerve Magazine, to name a few. Recently, she took top honours at the Alberta Magazine Publishers Awards, winning a Gold Photography Award in the Landscape/Architecture category. Her dream portrait assignment would be to photograph Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth. Her favourite Pantone colour is Rubine Red.


Account Manager

Caitie has been steadily making her mark as a modern day marketer, honing a diverse honey pot of skills in PR, strategic marketing, content creation, social media management and event activations. A pro at navigating client partnerships and bringing standout digital campaigns to life, this proudly Manitoba-born communicator has become a strong advocate for Alberta, wholeheartedly won over by the wild west. Caitie is most at home when contributing to the community and working to support local charities, and when she’s not huffing it in heels or serving as Press + Post's resident style maven, she can be found traipsing through the great outdoors or gallivanting the globe with family and friends. 

Graphic Designer

Ruth is a creative graphic designer and illustrator who graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design. She is passionate about her work and strives to design pieces that push the boundaries of modern graphic design. Ruth’s portfolio consists of everything from business cards and brochures to the acclaimed Canadian Olympic bobsled wrap design in 2014. Ruth loves a challenge and goes the extra mile to ensure each piece is something unique and special. This makes her a great designer to work with on brand development and digital marketing alongside traditional advertising work. When she’s not plugging away making graphics, she can be found hiking mountains, fly fishing or painting.

Lauren Steeves Press + Post.png

Social Media Specialist

Lauren is a recent public relations and marketing graduate from Mount Royal University. Her passion for communication stems from her natural love of writing, relationship building and branding, and she finds joy in bringing strategic stories to life. With several years of experience in social media management, digital marketing, content creation and event activation, Lauren is well versed in crafting creative campaigns that authentically tell a brand’s story while resonating with its desired audience. When she’s not putting pen to paper, you can find her travelling the globe, kicking a soccer ball, carving a wave, drinking wine and reading any magazine she can get her hands on. 


Kelly Steward is a passionate brand storyteller, communications strategist and social media mastermind. Having worked in PR, brand marketing, social media and beyond, Kelly has an inability to see things in silos and an uncanny knack for integrated planning, process and progress. She’s a DIY addict and outdoor enthusiast who can start a fire in the rain using dryer lint, but Kelly's true skill lies in navigating organizations through the noisy social landscape towards their digital content sweet spot. That is, the awe-inspiring intersection between the things a brand wants to convey and those the audience wants to hear, discuss, and act upon. To her friends she's KStew, but to P+P's beloved crop of clients, she's the rock star resident socialite, and a pretty damn good editor, optimizer and PR pro to boot.


Kymberley is a seasoned communications strategist, media aficionado and dynamic brand narrator. With a Masters Degree in Public Relations, she’s also Press + Post’s token Brit, but don’t let that soft English accent fool you, as this PR pro can create killer campaigns with bite. Kymberley’s greatest joy is getting creative with the written word to join the dots between brand and consumer, always seeking original ways to make clients shine in the spotlight or hit the headlines. With a knack for finding the nut of a story, she prides herself on being a jolly good relationship-builder and likes nothing more than collaborating with her fellow P+P’ers to dream up the next big idea. Just don’t ask her out for tea, she defies the stereotype and adores espresso – and she’ll take it strong.

Gary Davies Press+Post


Gary has lived and breathed publishing for nearly 20 years. He's known Sarah and Kelly for about the same amount of time and amazingly they still take his calls. The former President of Canada Wide Media Ltd. and former Executive Vice-President of RedPoint Media Group Inc., Gary has led the charge of the two largest independent magazine publishers in western Canada. To his relief, Press + Post's inception collided with the realization there were few publishing companies he hadn't already worked for. And now, when not on a golf junket, enjoying wine in the Okanagan or steering his wordy P+P partners back on track, Gary spreads his time moonlighting between Kelly Brothers Productions and e=mc2 events.


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