The Social School is elevating entrepreneurs through world-class training, skills and certificate programs.

Canada’s premier digital marketing school is here, ready to arm you with the skills, knowledge and tools you need, either on your own or alongside your team, with courses, launch labs, workshops, webinars, conferences, certificate programs and more.

The Social School is the place for modern entrepreneurs, marketers and creatives wanting to play big. Those who are ready to skip the tried, true and traditional, and embrace the breakthrough tactics and standout strategies bubbling below the surface in marketing today, and more importantly, business as a whole.

The Social School is an institution committed to launching entrepreneurs into action, helping businesses big and small thrive online and supporting modern marketers with the skills and capabilities they need. The Social School and its Calgary, AB learning campus, North America-wide calendar of events, and globally-accessible slate of virtual courses and online channels make it a go-to destination for learners and listeners across the globe.

Get ready to deep dive into all things digital, from technology and platforms to shifting media and mediums to the places today’s most savvy companies should be investing their marketing time and money, and why.